Jake Savage


One of the team in action

  • Name: Jake Savage
  • Born: August 3 1944
  • Measurements: 5’11”, 200-220 lbs., 49″ chest
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Emerald Green
  • Clothing: 1XL coat, 87 cm. pants’ inseam
  • BIO

Savage left home at 18, graduated from US Naval Academy four years later. Performed 3 years of service with the Marines, promoted from Captain to Major, mustered out of the Navy with the rank of Commander in 1969. Joined the CIA in 1969 flew missions for Air America up until May 1975. Savage also got married in 1975. In 1977 he was assigned to support the Rhodesian’s that same year his wife and child were killed in an automobile accident.

“I was born in Boston. The longest fours years spent anywhere was the four years at Annapolis. Joined the Marines and after flight training in Pensacola I shipped out to Vietnam. Called his mother on mothers day to tell her that he was still alive. My family had already had a funeral for me the month before.”

Live Wire (A Jake Savage Novel) 2013
Down Twisted (A Jake Savage Novel) March 2015
Secrets of the Tin Man (A Jake Savage Novel) Late 2016 est.