This is my 1974 CB750 that I purchased new in December 1973 a little over 49 years ago. I’ve made a few changes nothing that can be easily undone. Dual front disks was a fun project. It was originally Boss Maroon, but I always wanted a Flake Sunrise Orange machine.

Honda CB 750 Identification Numbers


Model Name First frame number / First engine number

CB 750 K-0 1969/70 CB750-1000001 CB750E-1000001

CB750 K-1 1970/71 CB750-104465  CB750E-1044806

CB750 K-2 1971/72 CB750-2000001 CB750E-2000001

CB750 K-3 1972/73 CB750-2200001 CB750E-2200001

CB750 K-4 1973/74 CB750-2300001 CB750E-2300001

CB750 K-5 1974/75 CB750-2500001 CB750E-2372115

CB750 K’76 1975/76 CB750-2540001 CB750E-2428762

CB750 K’77 1976/77 CB750-2700009 CB750E-2700001

CB750 K’78 1977/78 CB750-2800001 CB750E-3000001


Model Name Frame Number Engine Number

CB750F (1975) CB750F-1000002 CB750FE-2500004

CB750 F’76 1976 CB750F-2000003 CB750FE-2515094

CB750 F’77 1977 CB750F-2100011 CB750FE-2600004

CB750 F’78 1978 CB750F-2200001 CB750FE-3100001


Model Name Frame Number Engine Number

CB750 A’76 CB750A-7000001 CB750AE-7000001

CB750 A’77 CB750A-7100001 CB750AE-7100001

CB750 A’78 CB750A-7200001 CB750AE-7200001


CB750 1969 First year and only the first 7,400 had sandcast engines. The K0’s were first sold on 06 June 1969 Last sold 20 Sept 1970 total number sold worldwide 53,400@
CB750-K0 1970 Minor mods and only 36 units were sold UK.
CB750-K1 1971 Slim side panels, linked carbs.
CB750-K2 1972 Metal chain-guard, warn lights new.
CB750-K3 1973 5-way adj shocks, disc guard.
CB750-K4* 1974
CB750-K5* 1975 Large winkers, rubber tip side stand.
CB750-K6 1976 Stronger s/arm, no chain oiler.
CB750-K7 1977 17″ rear wheel, flush fuel filler.
CB750-K8* 1978 Two-tier seat.

If you have a CB750 that you want to restore send us a request.