CB750 1969 – 1977


The question that I often hear people asking is, what type of oil do I run?

A: You want to run an oil (without) “Friction modifiers” most all modern engine oils use them they help reduce wear and in some cases helps the engine run cooler. However, they don’t help the CB750 in fact they make the CB750 shift much worse. They make the clutch slip and the engine to fall out of gear. Yes, the best oil in the world can cause all of these problems. So, the last thing that you want to do is put even a quart of it in.

Q: Why?

A: The oil coats everything with nanoparticles that are both sticky and slippery and even changing your oil won’t get rid of them.

Q: Is that why my clutch still slips when I crank in the power or speed shift?

A: Even if your plates aren’t burned and the disks aren’t worn. These will still slip.

Q: How can I fix this?

A: Change the oil back to Honda Pro Honda GN4 10w – 40w and replace the plates and disks.