Well, I work on motorcycles or airplanes.

Currently having completed a Sci-fi cliffhanger I’m itching to get on to that next thing.

The Rise of the Picobots

I need to replace a valve cover on this 1974 CB750-K4

CB750-K4 Engine

While I contemplate must next Gig in life. I continue restoring my Black Widow CB750 K0….

The fourth Jake Savage Novel was released today. So, Crack open a bottle of wine and buckle up, brave readers! Now sit back as you’re in for the ride of your life!

Facing impossible dangers at every turn, Jake Savage and his elite A-team of patriots try to distinguish friend from foe through a maze of shifting alliances, all while in the crosshairs of an enemy with multiple identities. Their perilous journey whisks them from the wilderness of southern Kalahari to the warm breezes of the West Indies, and far beyond.

Titanpointe A Jake Savage Novel