While I continue writing the next instalment of the Jake Savage saga. I decided to take a little time out and rebuild the engine on my old CB750 K4 I purchased it 47 years ago today. The engine didn’t need to be rebuilt however, it was getting a little long in the tooth.


New pistons installed

K4 engine

New Cam

CB750-K4 engine installed

Cb750-K4 in process

The Black Widow CB750 K0 test ride date has arrived

This motorcycle has been rebuilt by hand no power tools were used consuming 825 man hours. The tank, side covers, fork uppers and headlight shell were painted the same color. The throttle linkage used separate cables to each carb. All carbs fully rebuilt. New wheel bearing front and rear along with seals. Also new tires Dunlop K87 rear Dunlop F11 front. Original rear axle and axle nut both re-chromed. Rechromed original K0 front fender, new speedometer cable and new front caliper / seal along with new front brake pads. The original front caliper arm was disassembled service with new o-ring seals and reattached……..