The Black Widow CB750 K0 test ride date has arrived

This motorcycle has been rebuilt by hand no power tools were used consuming 825 man hours. The tank, side covers, fork uppers and headlight shell were painted the same color. The throttle linkage used separate cables to each carb. All carbs fully rebuilt. New wheel bearing front and rear along with seals. Also new tires Dunlop K87 rear Dunlop F11 front. Original rear axle and axle nut both re-chromed. Rechromed original K0 front fender, new speedometer cable and new front caliper / seal along with new front brake pads. The original front caliper arm was disassembled service with new o-ring seals and reattached……..


While I contemplate must next Gig in life. I continue restoring my Black Widow CB750 K0….

The fourth Jake Savage Novel was released today. So, Crack open a bottle of wine and buckle up, brave readers! Now sit back as you’re in for the ride of your life!

Facing impossible dangers at every turn, Jake Savage and his elite A-team of patriots try to distinguish friend from foe through a maze of shifting alliances, all while in the crosshairs of an enemy with multiple identities. Their perilous journey whisks them from the wilderness of southern Kalahari to the warm breezes of the West Indies, and far beyond.

Titanpointe A Jake Savage Novel

Your company hire’s the lowest cost people or worse oversea’s contractors and then your network is hacked. Only 1 in 10 hacks are ever reported and the avg. cost 3.8 million. It sure is a pain for the consumer. Network security is not a game! Under the new European rule you have a 72-hour deadline to report the breach. Is your IT staff the best?

Macy’s data breach exposes customers’ credit card info!

One of my Internet Security clients called me last night and told me that their main server was down. I asked what the problem was…. I told them to take two Advil and that I would see them in the morning. After forty years of doing this it never gets old. Well, two hours later the customer is fixed and happy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan!

By Eric Norment
Sep 26, 2016
A fun and easy-to-navigate techno-espionage-travel-thriller, with lots of interesting and likable good guys, and intriguing bad guys. Both sides are capable of surprising you, and the whole package is delivered at breakneck speed.

Secrets of the Tin Man Cover

Aircraft ferry flight Cessna 206 from Salt Lake City to Naples Florida

Myself and Steve the new owner of a Clean 206…..