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Let AI work for your business!

Is your business losing its competitive edge? We can help! By offering your businesses (AI), you can increase efficiency in various aspects of your business operations. AI excels at automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. For example, AI can rapidly process and input data with high accuracy in data entry, freeing human workers for more complex tasks, […]

Chinese state-sponsored hacking

Chinese state-sponsored hackers have infiltrated many outdated home and office wifi routers in the U.S. in preparation for attacks on electrical grids and water supplies. A U.S. government investigation found that hundreds of old routers had been infected with malware by a Beijing-backed hacking group known as “Volt Typhoon.” It’s time for many companies to […]

The Black Widow and Covid

As Covid-19 starts to come towards its end the buys are out. I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with Mark and Bev who spent almost six hours talking about and looking at, “The Black Widow.” I’ve never had so much fun meeting a buyer(s) and we finished the night at a local restaurant still […]

Valve cover replacement

I need to replace a valve cover on this old 1974 CB750-K4. This shows what an engine with proper maintenance looks like after fifty years of service.

CB750 Engine rebuild

While I continue writing the next instalment of the Jake Savage saga. I decided to take a little time out and rebuild the engine on my old CB750 K4 I purchased it 47 years ago today. The engine didn’t need to be rebuilt however, it was getting a little long in the tooth.