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It’s deeply saddening to learn of Françoise Hardy’s passing. It seems like only yesterday she was 25, effortlessly gracing the iconic CB-750K0 with her presence. While we mourn a true legend, the enduring spirit of the machine she once rode lives on, cherished by those fortunate enough to appreciate its legacy.  


Is AI Making Hackers Smarter?

Is AI Making Hackers Smarter? By Skeeter Wesinger Artificial intelligence (AI) significantly influences the advancement of hacking techniques, enhancing the creativity and complexity of hacker strategies. Here are the primary ways AI is transforming hacking: AI enables the automation of various hacking activities. It streamlines tasks such as scanning for network vulnerabilities, executing phishing attacks, […]



BitLocker, Microsoft’s encryption software for SSDs, has faced various challenges since its debut. The upcoming Windows 11 version 24H2 update, also known as the 2024 update, may introduce a new concern for users: BitLocker could be enabled by default during the installation process for all editions of Windows, including the Home edition. This information comes […]

Why “American Graffiti” is George Lucas’s Best Film

Why “American Graffiti” is George Lucas’s Best Film Story by Skeeter Wesinger When George Lucas unveiled “American Graffiti” in 1973, it wasn’t just a film but a time machine. The year was 1962, and Lucas’s canvas was the nocturnal sprawl of Modesto, California, his boyhood backdrop. This was America before it lost its innocence, before […]

Zenbleed security hole

AMD finally patches gaping Zenbleed security hole — MSI releases AGESA 1.2.0.Ca BIOS update for Zen 2 MSI has published new BIOS updates featuring AMD’s AM4 AGESA 1.2.0.Ca firmware update, which targets Zenbleed attacks. The new firmware targets a vulnerability in AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series Zen 2 APUs that “may allow an attacker to potentially […]

Deep learning

Deep learning is likely to profoundly impact the human experience in various ways, spanning from daily conveniences to significant shifts in how we work, communicate, and make decisions. Here are some key areas where deep learning could influence our lives. Deep learning will enable higher levels of automation in many industries, from manufacturing to services. […]

on-path attacks

In the bygone times of the 1990s, when the internet was less guarded, every piece of data transmitted from one computer to another was exposed. This was an era where not just the innocuous content of websites but also the critical confidences of usernames and passwords were exposed. With the advent of universal encryption, this […]

SunPass $3.95 phishing scam

Beware, fellow travelers of Florida’s highways, for amidst the innocuous currents of digital communication lurks a cunning deception. A seemingly benign message professing to address unpaid tolls through the venerable institution of SunPass emerges as a treacherous ruse designed to ensnare unwitting drivers in a web of deceit. The artifice employed by these swindlers is […]

Cyber Intrusion

In the annals of contemporary commerce, the specter of cyber intrusion casts a long and ominous shadow. As the digital age marches forward, so does the peril it brings, as evidenced by the grim tidings of 2023. It was a year that saw the global average toll of a data breach swell to a staggering […]