Skeeter Wesinger’s career is a testament to visionary leadership and a pioneering spirit in technology. He founded Network Engineering Software (NES) in 1980 and steered it until 2005 when GraphOn purchased NES. His foresight and drive culminated in the firm’s acquisition by GraphOn Corp, after which he served as CTO and adviser to the GraphOn board. This transition highlighted his adaptability and continued influence in the industry.

Before his entrepreneurial ventures, Wesinger refined his technical expertise at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Cambridge Memories (CMI), foundational experiences that paved the way for his later successes. His career, spanning over three decades, has been marked by relentless innovation and leadership, profoundly impacting the Silicon Valley landscape.

In addition to his technological endeavors, Wesinger is an ardent contributor to literature, currently working on his sixth novel. This literary pursuit enriches his multifaceted persona, melding technological prowess with a deep understanding of human narratives.

Academically, Wesinger continues to distinguish himself. Having graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Worcester State University, he is furthering his education there with a Master’s in History. This ongoing pursuit of knowledge enriches his professional and literary endeavors and offers him a unique vantage point from which to view both past and future technological paradigms.

An embodiment of rigorous intellectual pursuit and practical application, Wesinger holds 33 United States Patents in technology. His expertise extends beyond the tech world; he is also an accomplished pilot with a commercial rating in fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, and drones, showcasing a breadth of skills and interests that transcend the conventional boundaries of technology leadership.

And Skeeter is currently working on his sixth novel during his downtime. 

Other areas of expertise & interests

Advanced Computer Design | Cloud Computing Technologies | Load Sharing & Dynamic Load balancing | Internet Security & VPN Technology | Advanced Prompt Engineering | IT auditing | Project Management | Security Planning | Technical Applications Implementation | Business Development