As Covid-19 starts to come towards its end the buys are out. I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with Mark and Bev who spent almost six hours talking about and looking at, “The Black Widow.” I’ve never had so much fun meeting a buyer(s) and we finished the night at a local restaurant still talking motorcycles over cocktails. Wow-what a time!

K0 Finished

The End of the build


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  1. Mark says:

    Thank you for your kind words Skeeter! Bev and I enjoyed this day immensely! It was a pleasure to meet your wife and get better acquainted with you both. I am over the moon excited by and about this bike. I was 17 years old when Honda introduced the CB750. Like so many others I was stunned by it and its aura. Along with its technical presence its physical beauty is stunning. It is esthetically a work of art! I appreciate so much the work, money and time you have invested in this masterpiece. I drooled over this bike 52 years ago. I could not afford one at the time. I have longed for one ever since. Every time I see one or a picture of one it brings me back to when I was 17. I can’t put into words nor can I describe how this bike makes me feel. The Black Widow is a 1970 model. I graduated from high school in 1970. It is blue green in color. My favorite color is blue. The coincidences of everything surrounding this bike are uncanny. You cannot know all of the emotions that this bike conjures. I hope that we can continue our relationship so that I can tell you of my exploits with it going forward. Thank you so much for everything you have and are doing to make this happen for me. You don’t know what this bike means to me. It is truly a dream come true !!!!!

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