Replaced transmission cover gasket on this sunny Sunday afternoon.


As Covid-19 starts to come towards its end the buys are out. I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with Mark and Bev who spent almost six hours talking about and looking at, “The Black Widow.” I’ve never had so much fun meeting a buyer(s) and we finished the night at a local restaurant still talking motorcycles over cocktails. Wow-what a time!

K0 Finished

The End of the build


I work on motorcycles, airplanes, and AI.

Having completed a Sci-fi cliffhanger, I’m itching to get on to that next thing.

The Rise of the Picobots

I need to replace a valve cover on this old 1974 CB750-K4. This shows what an engine with proper maintenance looks like after fifty years of service.

CB750-K4 Engine