Honda CB750-K0 Diecast for sale


Honda CB750-K0 for sale

1970 K0 The Black Widow
CB750-K0 Left side
CB750-K0 Right side HM300 pipes with matt chrome finish guards.
CB750-K0 single cut front fender, if the edge is rolled and not cut its a replacement fender.
CB750-K0 Engine and pipes.

CB750-K0: 1969 – 1970

CB750-K0 Right side, brake arm (Re-chromed) Kick start arm (Re-chromed) New Oil lines.
CB750-K0 Tool Kit
CB750-K0 Two Hole Rear Hub
CB750 Shop Manual

CB750 Static_and_Strobe_Timing
Production Dates1969-1970 Black Widow 5-1970 production date. Rebuild dates 11-2019 – 4-2020 The Black Widow CB750K0 is for sale for $25,995.00 USD FOB Naples, Florida USA
Production NumbersIn 1969 the first (7,400) were sand-cast.
The first K0 frame is 100001 the last K0 frame is 1044649
Starting Frame#1000001 Black Widow 10368XX
Starting Engine#E1000001 Black Widow E1036616
ColorsCandy Blue Green metallic for this Black Widow build.

This Honda was assembled by hand, no power tools were used during the re-assemble. Built-in America from Japanese parts by a true American craftsman, if you find a cleaner better-built machine buy it! The tank, side covers, fork uppers, and headlight shell were painted the same color (Blue Green Candy) and are new. There’s no rust in this gas tank. The throttle linkage uses separate cables to each carburetor this is a new cable assembly 17910-300-030. All carburetors fully rebuilt while paying close attention to detail, also they have been expertly synced. New wheel bearings were installed both front and rear along with seals. Also, both tires were new, Dunlop K87 rear Dunlop F11 front no tire shine has been applied they have a couple of hundred miles on them. The original rear axle and rear axle nut have both been re-chromed and re-installed. This machine has a new speedometer cable. New front caliper and brake seals along with new front brake pads. The original front caliper arm was disassembled service with fresh grease and new o-ring seals and then reattached. The speedometer and tachometer have been fully reconditioned to where they look new. The original mileage was left as it was when I purchased it.

The Front Brake, the master cylinder are both newly along with a new seal. All-new exterior engine seals have been replaced with new Honda seals not Chinese seals. All side covers and valve cover were polished and re-installed with new gaskets. The engine oil pump has been fully rebuilt with new seals, o-rings, and springs. The two oil lines between the oil tank and the engine have been both replaced with new parts.  The main wiring harness is new, along with the points harness, oil pressure harness, headlight harness, neutral safety switch harness, and the dynamo harness, along with its connector. New rear tail light harness, and new Rear tail light from Honda not from China. New rear shocks and newly rebuilt front forks along with new fork tubes and fork seals. The fork oil used was new from Honda. New compression washers in front fork drain and lower leg attachment. New low profile crash bars have been installed and can easily be removed. In the end, a new front caliper was installed along with new brake lines, new compression washers,  and new rear brake shoes. A new rear stop switch was installed.

The triple tree has been rebuilt with new tapered roller bearings and seals. These are not the original stock ball bearings. It has a new Honda handlebar and switches. Re-chromed original kickstart arm along with re-chromed original starter motor cover. The points cover was new from Honda. New wires, points, condensers, and new NGK D-8ES spark plugs have all been installed. New clutch cable from Honda. New clutch disks from (CycleX) and re-chromed original clutch plate cover along with a re-chromed original Honda rear brake arm. The HM-300 exhaust and baffles are new from Honda and still sound great. Honda rims front and rear are both DID are were new from Honda. New center-stand spring, bolts along with the kickstand springs were both new from Honda. The footpeg rubbers front and rear are both new from Honda. The fuel lines, drain lines, and vacuum lines are all new. The crankcase breather is new and has a new filter this is (not stock). Best of all this bike offers the original K0 front and rear fenders that have been re-chromed by a top American plating company. 95% of all nuts, bolts, screws, and washers have been replaced with new Honda parts. 95% of those parts made from rubber have been replaced with new replacements. All of the aluminum has been polished fork legs, and this includes all engine covers. The bike has a new EK 530 Chain from Japan new along with a new 17T front sprocket and 46T rear sprocket. The oil pressure switch and neutral safety switch have both been replaced new from Honda. New Exhaust manifold gaskets. New, old stock original Honda K0 mirrors have been installed.

I was asked about what I did to the engine: I’ve pulled the oil pump and rebuilt it along with new seals o-ring and springs. The inside of the oil pump looked like a Jewell box it was all new and shiny before I rebuilt it. I have had the valve cover off the cam was perfect and adjusted the valves. I don’t think a shop could yank the engine inspect the top-end set the valves for less than a couple grand. I went ahead and put in new points plugs along with a couple of condensers, set a new clutch in-place, and adjusted it. I replace every nut and bolt on the engine. Put in a new pressure oil sensor and seal along with a new cable and boot. I installed a new neutral sensor and cable. Then I add a new stator harness. I replace all shaft seals with new Japanese seals, gearbox, shift lever, kick start, and clutch seal. Tossed in a new set of oil lines and what would the total bill be? That’s just the engine. Then I re-chromed the Kick start lever, the brake lever, the starter motor cover the clutch cover, and replaced the points cover with a factory-new cover. Had the valve cover, stator cover, gearbox cover, sprocket cover, and clutch cover all buffed and polished.

Hell, I’ve included a copy of the Shop Manual and Parts List Manual just click on and download.




Overall length85.0 in.2,160 mm
Overall width34.8 in.885 mm
Overall height45.5 in.1,155 mm
Wheel base57.3 in1,455 mm
Seat height31.5 in.800 mm
Foot Peg Height12.2 in.310 mm
Ground Clearance5.5 in.160 mm
Curb weight517.3 lb235 kg
Weight distribution L/R271.1/209.5 lb123/205 kg
Frame & Suspension
TypeDouble cradle tubular steel
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork, travel 5.6 in., 143mm
Rear SuspensionSwing arm, travel 3.3 in., 85mm
Front Tire Size, Type3.25-19 (4PR) Rib tire, tire air pressure 2.0 kg/cm2, 28 psi 111577 Dunlop F11
Rear Tire Size, Type4.00-18 (4 PR) Block tire, tire air pressure 2.0 kg/cm2, 28 psi) 122371 Dunlop K87
Front BrakeDisk brake, lining area 2.9in2x2, 19cm2x2
Rear BrakeInternal expanding shoe, lining area 8.2in2x2, 53cm2x2
Fuel Capacity4.7 US gal, 3.9 Imp. gal18 liter
Fuel Reserve Capacity1.3 US gal, 1.1 Imp. gal5 liter
Caster Angle63º
Trail Length3.74 in.95mm
Front Fork oil capacity7.0-7.3 oz220-230 cc
TypeAir-cooled, 4-stroke, O.H.C. engine
Cylinder Arrangement4-cylinder in line
Bore and Stroke2.401×2.408 in.61×63 mm
Displacement44.93 cu in736 cc
Compression Ratio9.0
Maximum Horsepower67 BHP@8,000 rpm
Maximum Torque44.12 lb-ft@7,000 rpm6.1 kg-m@7,000 rpm
Carburetor, Venturi Dia.4x28mm Keihin, slide type
Valve trainChain driven overhead camshaft
Oil Capacity7.39 US pt, 6.16 Imp. pt3.5 liter
Oil Tank Capacity4.22 US pt., 3.55 Imp. pt2 liter
Lubrication SystemForced pressure and dry sump
Air filtrationPaper element
Valve Tappet ClearanceIntake: 0.002in./0.05mmExhaust: 0.003in./0.08mm
Engine weight (Wet)176.3 lb80 kg
Air screw opening1 1/8 turn
Idle speed900 rpm
Main jet#120
Idle jet#40
Air jet#100
Carb main bore1.102in.28mm
Drive Train
ClutchWet, multi-plate
Transmission5-speed, constant mesh
Gear Ratio I2.500:1
Gear Ratio II1.708:1
Gear Ratio III1.333:1
Gear Ratio IV1.097:1
Gear Ratio V0.939:1
Primary reduction1.708:1
Secondary reduction1.167:1
Final Reduction2.667:1 (17T x 46T)

Type12v, negative earth
IgnitionCoil and contact breaker, spare spark
Starting systemElectrical motor and kick start
Alternator3-phase 12 V 0.21kW@5,000 rpm
Battery Capacity12V – 14 amp hour
Spark plugNGK D-8ES
Spark plug gap0.024 ~ 0.028 in.0.6 ~ 0.7 mm
Points gap0.012 ~ 0.016 in.0.3 ~ 0.4 mm