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Live Wire By Author Skeeter Wesinger

Mr Bunz and Miss Molly out sailing with George while reading Live Wire

Mr Bunz (In George's Lap) and Miss Molly (aft) out for a sail in Acadia National Park, with George at the helm while reading Live Wire on the Eggemoggin reach.

It’s a dangerous world full of dangerous people. Jake Savage and his A-team are there to keep things in check. In Live Wire, the first in the Jake Savage series, Jake and Dakota square off against Colombian carteleros, and Panamanian despots, whipping around the globe in a dazzling array of aircraft, ready to do battle at a moment’s notice. Set in a time when the global security situation is undergoing significant and perilous shifts. Wesinger’s novel takes the reader from the hallowed halls and top-secret boardrooms of the Pentagon to the rugged beauty of the Zimbabwean bush, narrating this riveting tale with an insider’s flair for detail and nuance. Jake’s highly specialized elite A-Team takes on missions no one else can. The story opens with a rescue operation from a Panamanian prison, but then the plot expands in deeper, darker territory, when, amidst shifting, shady alliances between the team’s rivals, it is discovered that the Ochocha cartel, has marked Jake and his colleagues for death.
The book starts with Jake on safari or vacation because Jake never gets to have a holiday. The safari is where Jake runs into Commander Samuel's men after they had just poached an elephant. The opening chapter feels to some like it is out of sequence as the next few chapter lay the foundation for some of the other main characters in this story. Live Wire #Selfies on FaceBook

Skeeter is currently cranking away on Down Twisted. The latest in the Jake Savage series is sure to please, as it starts the next day where Live Wire ended. The whole crew Jake, Dakota, Andy, Mike, and even Pauline return in yet another action packed thriller.

Live Wire #Selfies on FaceBook

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