Secrets of the Tin Man Cover

Jake Savage action adventure Novels

and maybe in 2017 a new Sci-fi series from author Skeeter Wesinger
Down Twisted & Live Wire By Author Skeeter Wesinger these are both action adventure novels.

Jake Savage the daring Cold War CIA agent returns for yet another mission filled with intrigue and action in author Skeeter Wesinger’s latest novel Down twisted. This is the second installment in the Jake Savage series. Set against the chilly backdrop of the Cold War, Jake Savage and his A-team grapple with how to stay alive. In Down Twisted Jake and his team battle foes both foreign and domestic in this new action-packed drama. From warzones of the Middle East to the cold, dark deserts of North Africa. Jake and his A-team struggle to remove a captive from the clutches of a madman. The team is also out to rescue a pair of aid workers who have un-wittingly become entangled in Mozambique’s civil war.

Wesinger’s latest action adventure novel is Down Twisted shoots into the top 10 at

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In what might prove to be the best installment yet in the Jake Savage action adventure novels: Secrets of the Tin Man, picks up from where the novel Down Twisted ended. Most of the team will return for one more action packed adventure Secrets of the Tin Man. This novel has been set for release sometime in late 2016. There is even a rumor that Skeeter might be working on a Sci-fi adventure. Skeeter has spent the last five years writing Live Wire, Down Twisted, and Secrets of the Tin Man all part of the Jake Savage action adventure series. Also look for a new Sci-fi series in 2017.